Organic Mt. Olympus Chamomile
– En Olympo –

It has a humble appearance, however it is incomparably useful. The ancients called it Chamomile (“χαμαίμηλον” {‘khamaimēlon’} = “Earth Apple”, from “χαμαί” {‘khamai’} = “on the ground” and “μῆλον” {‘mēlon‘} = “Apple”), because it grows low on the ground and because of its taste that resembles the taste of an apple.

Its medicinal properties are innumerable…
Among others, it is considered as a sedative, soothing and wound healing, with significant antiseptic, antipyretic and antiallergic properties.

Our bio-certified herbs are cultivated at the foot of the “Mountain of the Gods” with natural methods. They are hand-picked and dried using traditional techniques.
Our modern facilities ensure ideal conditions for the processing and packaging of our products, so that we can offer you every day… the taste and aroma of Mt Olympus.

Its flowers and extracts can give flavour to sweets, such as creams, cakes and cookies.

Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions12 × 3 × 18 cm

Handmade, Mediterranean, Traditionally

Geographic Origin

Macedonia, Thessaly

Nutritional Values

100% Νatural, Bio/Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian


Resealable bag

Type of herbs & Spices




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